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Our company is dealing with health tourism, which has a contract with the leader professor of Kyev City Clinical, prof. Vladimir Safiullyn.

Hepatitis C Vírus
The Hepatitis C is a disease, which can cause liver inflammation with the virus Hepatitis C. This disease proceeds usually slowly, symptoms are not to see for years or decades. This is a liver disease, where the number of dying liver cells are higher new, regenerated liver cells. This inflammation causes these things, destroying liver cells. Our strategy is to stop this inflammation.
One possible solution..
By the FreeHEPC there is a ukrainian professor, who is dedicated to help for the patiens by the optimum and gentlest Hepatitis C drug for the treatment, all over the world.

We understand our guests needs

We know that the patiants have a lot of questions. During their healing – and their life – they faces barriers and successes both. It is not easy to live together with the disease. We want to help them in this hard situation. To this end we offer valuable therapy solutions to these serious health problems. We trust – that we help to our patients to reach th ebest quality of life – we can give a favorable effect to their life.


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Process of the treatment

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