About us

Our company is dealing with health tourism, which has a contract with the leader professor of Kyev City Clinical, prof. Vladimir Safiullyn. He is the highest category Ukrainian doctor, professor of the universíty, Head of Department, No.1 internist, NMU AA Bogomolets


-1996 – Phd

-2007 – Honorary doctor of Ukraine

-2009 – MD

-2012-2014 – professor, therapy NMAPE, PL Shupyk

-2014 – leader gastroenterologist of the Ministry of Health

-2015 – title of professor

-2016 – member of the Scientific Council and Ministry of Health


– chronic hepatitis C (sofosbuvir, daklatasvir, ledipasvir, velpatasvir)

– Viral hepatitis and cirrhosis (B, D, TTV…),

– toxic,

– autoimmune originerosive and ulcerative gastrointestinalis disease,

– Helicobacter pyloripancreas diseases (pancreas inflammation,

– vesicles,

– other types of abnormal condition)small intestine,

– colon disease (gut, colon inflammation, duodenitis)

– dysbacteriosis (ARIS)

– parasite infections,

– enterocolitis,

– etc.

The professor released more than 100 scientific publications all over the world!

His coordinator was DR. Grega Miroszlava.

The coordinator helps for the patients till the beginning of the treatment. Welcomes and accompanies to the lab, tests, accomodation and clinic. Of course he translates to the right languages.

More types of new generation drugs are available for curing the HCV and other diseases, which have the european license.

The treatment happens according EASL (European Liver Researchers Company).

We can thank the fast healing and the lack of side effects for the modern medicins.