Process of the treatment

Process of the treatment

– get the contact with us

– getting available medical records

– evaluation of the records

– contracting

– making the necessary lab test sin Munkács (Synevo-lab)

– getting the the diagnosis

– making other tests

– starting the treatment in Kyev (1 day)

– takeover the medicines (with export licenses)

– travelling home

What kind of tests has to start the Hepatitis C treatment? 


  • tests of the liver function                            (code 1091)
  • genotyping of the Hepatitis C virus          (code 3004)
  • quantitative PCR, Hepatitis C                    (code 3005)
  • complete CBC                                                (code 4018)

codes are relevant only int he Synevo lab.

Treatment package contains:

– accomodation in Munkács (1 day)

– accomodation in Kyev (1 day)

– translationg and company for 24 hours

– lab tests fees

– UH, fibroscan, CT and other tests

– price of the medicines

– special liver diet

About travelling 

The train tickets we can offer you on favorable price from the ukrainian border.. The coordinator will wait for you on every venue (airport, trainstation) with a table with your name. He will accompany you to every places (clinic, accomodation, other optional programmes).