The virus Hepatitis C

Hepatitis means literally liver inflammation. Like this, it is not surprising, that it can reduce the seriousness of the liver inflammation, including the virus Hepatitis C.

The Hepatitis C is a disease, which can cause liver inflammation with the virus Hepatitis C. This disease proceeds usually slowly, symptoms are not to see for years or decades. This is a liver disease, where the number of dying liver cells are higher new, regenerated liver cells. This inflammation causes these things, destroying liver cells. Our strategy is to stop this inflammation.

Usually there are five symptoms showing the acut liver inflammation, they are the following:

  • Red skin,
  • swelling,
  • warmth,
  • pain,
  • functional disturbances.

These 5 symptoms are relevant, the part of the inflammation is very close to the surface of the skin. If the is deeper int he body – the inflammation int he liver – these symptoms are invisible.

The symptoms of the acut liver inflammation are the following:

Symptoms like flu, jaundice (skin or eye)

These symptoms for Hepatitis C are usually invisible, while somebody is fighting with this virus for years. It might be that there are not clear symptoms, but the following are the most common:

fatigue, pain at the liver area, nausea/throw up, dizziness, concentration problems, repeating fever

When the immune system is not able to cure the virus Hepatitis C, the disease becames chronicle. Without this the body can’t stop the virus, which attacks the liver cells, causes continuous inflammation int he liver, and later death.

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